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May 7, 2013 at 8:58 AMJared Nielsen

Billboard advertising can have a powerful influence as you develop your brand with customers.  In any sales, marketing or lead capture program, you want your customers to become aware of your brand, over and over again, by imprinting in their mind the fact that you are "there" when they are needing your product.  Billboards tap into the "idle mind" concept that happens while people are driving.  It turns out that studies show that teenage drivers must focus on every aspect of driving because their actions are "conscious" while adults who have driven for quite some time can even drive "unconsciously" (not asleep) meaning that they don't have to concentrate on every single aspect of driving... it has become second nature.  

Because a driver can push the actions of driving into their secondary brain, their active brain is left idle while they are driving.  This opens up a demand for something to think about while their unconscious mind handles the minutae of steering, braking, and navigation.

This idle time can be filled aptly with two wholesome activities (radio and billboard media) or some worse aspects (texting on their iPhone).

By pursuing a proper billboard strategy, you can help imprint in their minds while it's idle and those impressions do count.

How to leverage a billboard?

You really aren't going to prompt too much of a direct response from a billboard, so you want to decide what you're going to measure when it comes to a successful interaction with the billboard.

The days of publishing a phone number (and expecting them to write it down while driving) is unrealistic.  Your best target objective is to get them to remember your brand and to suggest something that they should Google for.

If a billboard is the first punch, mobile searching is the followup punch, and a desktop Google search or Yellow page lookup is the Haymaker.

Try to identify keywords that you rank well for in Google and press those suggestions to your potential customers.

Do you need Billboard Advertising?

The FUZION Agency would be happy to share with you our billboard portfolio and help you get started or continue your existing campaign with integrated tracking and metrics so you will know what impact your advertising is having. If you have a business in Houston and you need Houston Billboard Advertising, we are your agency!