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April 27, 2013 at 7:05 PMJared Nielsen

Finding a proper Ad Agency is a challenge.  The FUZION Agency is uniquely suited to team up with your existing traditional media ad agency where we provide a deep level of technology expertise.  When you look into how your marketing plan is setup, generally companies pick agencies by a specific media type, so they will work with a direct mail firm and then a different web marketing agency and may do their own radio and TV buys directly with the stations themselves.

We can provide oversight to all of these different elements of your marketing plan as your core Agency of Record and provide audit services on top of each provider to help you wire their advertising up with electronic technologies so their results are trackable.  No one Ad Agency in Houston can do everything the best, but we believe that as the central monitor, we can help you increase your return on investment (ROI).

Here is a great example:

You want to do a direct mail with a local Houston Ad Agency and they struggle to deliver a clear indication of return on investment.  We can apply custom barcodes to your direct mail pieces that deliver back a report that shows specifically when each piece lands and the percentage of deliveries you've had.  With embedded codes in the offers, we can also track conversion rates and cross-match that on the database that powers your other advertising to show you which ad types "cooperated" with the other ad types to enhance your conversions.

This is blending technical skill with creative advertising through multiple agencies.  If you need an Ad Agency in the Houston market, simply Google for "Ad Agency Houston" and see how we come up in the search results.  I think you will be pleasantly surprised as our ranking in Houston increases and so too your own rankings can dominate on Google to support your own marketing efforts.

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2323 Clear Lake City Blvd, Suite 180-313, Houston, Texas 77062

(713) 568-4599

Traditional: Radio Advertising, Television Advertising, Billboard Advertising, Direct Mail, Corporate Identity, Lead Generation

Digital:Pandora Radio, YouTube Campaigns, Banner & Display Web Advertising, Email Marketing, Website Design, Search Engine Optimization, Pay per Click Advertising

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