Workforce Development

The FUZION Agency specializes in workforce development including modernizing your software developers, skill upgrades and offshore training


 Workforce Development

Keep Your Staff

We can help you keep your staff while upgrading their technical skills.  You have invested years in the right people but the swift pace of technology advancements can obsolete even the most talented people.  This can cause resentment, high turnover and rash decisions involving layoffs, reductions in force (RIF), and brain drain.  Through our proven techniques of reinvesting in your people, we can help you keep your teams intact while upgrading their technical skills in very cost-effective ways.

Leverage Offshore Talent... With your People, not Instead of Them

Offshore resources are seen in a negative light to many long-term employees.  This is because in many circumstances they are introduced as replacements instead of as a form of force multiplication.  Every General wants the best armor and weapons for his soldiers and you should as well.  Offshore resources are most effective when you analyze the skills of an employee, identify his skill gaps, and then train him on how to command and take credit for the cumulative effort of their team.  

Collaboration and Self Development

Learning how to become replaceable is threatening in many ways to a software developer.  Often programmers have been idolized as Wizards of their craft among less aware business personnel.  This creates a sense of hubris that is difficult to root out of your teams, but just as in life, it can become a root cause of dysfunctional behaviors that must be addressed for truly powerful teams.  We can introduce collaboration and self development programs that include technical training and personal development so your software developers come along with the change in direction of your technical teams.

SCRUM and Extreme Programming (XP)

We are focused in fast software development in a way that pushes beyond SCRUM and XP?  We can train your teams and identify and mentor key developers that can form the core, driving force behind faster and more agile software development life cycles (SDLC).  With our boots on the ground interventions, we will help you turn your application development projects around by transforming your teams into powerful, self-directed teams.

Management Adoption

Change does not come easily and you will find that your management adoption must evolve to match the rapid transformations taking place in your development teams.  Sometimes developers can become mini-managers while other times managers can even become pseudo developers.  With our proven techniques of selfshoring, we can show you how to reorganize your management structures to adopt and readily promote and mentor highly powerful teams.