Adwords in Houston


Adwords in Houston

April 10, 2013 at 10:37 PMJared Nielsen

Google Adwords Houston Pay per Click Campaign Jared NielsenPay per click advertising is a key component of any marketing strategy.  In this post we give you some tips about PPC advertising in the Houston market.

The FUZION Agency gets Adwords.  Here is your latest adwords tip for Houston companies.  Adwords focuses on "matching".  If you buy a pay per click ad for the word "Houston Ad Agency" but then send a customer who received that ad to a page that talks about "Houston Advertising Agencies", then it's not a "precise match".  Just remember that Google is a robot, not a person and Ad Agency != Advertising Agencies.  For truly effective PPC campaigns, make your ad copy match the landing page focus.  Your per click cost will be less and your campaigns will drive much more traffic because your ads will rank higher due to a good relevance score.  For more information about Pay per click Advertising in Houston, see our website.

For a quote on Adwords campaign management for your Houston business, call Jared Nielsen at 713-568-4599 today.

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